ME1302 PMSM brushless enclosed motor

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The ME 1302 motor is a synchronous motor, type PMSM brushless, enclosed, waterproof, water cooled.

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It is a brushless motor, requiring no maintenance.
The stator characteristics are similar to the ME1115 motor (with sin / cos encoder and air cooled) and similar to the ME0913 motor (U / V / W encoder and cooled by the hour).
Its output power of 14.5 kW Continuous under 96 VDC.
Three-phase, double stators, synchronous motor with permanent magnets connected in Y with an axial gap.
Voltages between 24 and 96 VDC.
The efficiency of the motor + controller assembly is 92%.
It is a motor with 4 pairs of poles (8 magnets).
The winding resistance between phases is 0.013 ohms.
The phase winding inductance is 0.010 mH at 1 kHz (28 turns per phase).
The recommended maximum rotor speed is 5000 rpm.
The torque constant of 0.15 Nm per ampere DC.
The inertia of the armature is 45 kg.cm2.
The permanent current is 125 amperes AC (180 amps DC input drive).
The peak current is 420 amps AC for 1 minute (600 A DC input drive).
The maximum engine torque is 60 FtLb.
Its mass is 15.9 kg (without the coolant)
It has a KTY84-130 temperature sensor and a sin / cos encoder
For proper cooling, the recommended fluid flow rate is 6 liters per minute.


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Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
24-72 VDC
MAX speed (RPM) :
MAX Torque (Nm) :
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Made in China



Documentation of the ME1302 PMSM brushless motor

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