Tools and services

Here we offer various materials, tools, books, services and equipment of the pilot.


  • Tools

    Here we offer crimping pliers, cutting pliers ...

  • Books

    Here we offer books about electric vehicles.

  • Services

    A project ?
    By giving you advice in the choice of equipment or in the realization of your prototype, your project goes from dream to reality!

    A problem ? A doubt ? A question ?
    We have the solution !
    Kit Elec Shop offers advice, troubleshooting, configuration, telephone support, so do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Pilot equipments

    Here we offer helmets, gloves and overalls for the driver.

  • Furnishings

    Here we offer furniture, support chargers, service for kart ...

  • Shipping costs

    Here we offer shipping, freight costs, delivery costs...

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