Mechanical parts

Here we offer mechanical parts and electrical gokart frame, mechanical tranfer, brake and tyres.


  • Mechanical spare parts

    Here we offer spare parts for electric karts.

  • Mechanical transmission

    Here we offer Removable Taper Lock crowns, belts, pulleys and hubs.

  • Wheel rims and tyres

    Here we offer rims and tires.

  • Brakes

    Here we offer front and rear mechanical brakes and hydraulic brakes for karts.

  • Hardware

    Here we offer you screws, nuts, washers and special parts.

  • Liquid cooling

    The Kit Elec Shop offers you, at the best costs, the accessories necessary for the realization of the liquid cooling circuit of your electric vehicle projects.

  • Chemistry for mechanic

    The Kit Elec Shop offers you, at the best cost, lubricants, cleaners, glues, aerosols necessary for the realization of your projects of electric vehicles.

  • Technical materials

    Here we offer HDPE, aluminum, plastic plates, but also tubes and profiles.

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