Kit Elec Shop is a shop specializing in the sale of equipment and spare parts to electrify all types of vehicles such as karts, boats, solex, horse-drawn cars, motorcycles ...

You will find equipment kits, batteries, electric motors, drives and mechanical accessories needed for your projects.

Also take advantage of our used equipment space to benefit from bargains at unbeatable prices!

With our experience within the association e-Kart, we advise you at best and we accompany you in the selection of components most suitable for your prototypes.

Thus, you will find for each category of diverse and varied products in more than 60 big marks.

At Kit Elec Shop, we work with the sole aim of providing you with quality products compatible with each other and at the best price! It's simple, fast and convenient!

In addition, do not hesitate to consult the e-kart blog, on which you will find news and advice in the field of vehicles and electric karts by a group of enthusiasts.