Electrify your dreams!

Kit Elec Shop is at your service to facilitate the realization of your projects of electrification of vehicles.

On a single site, you can order products of quality, certified compatible between them, spare parts or kits of material to satisfy all your needs, at the best prices.


  • Kits of materials

    Here we offer kits of electrical and mechanical parts to built a electric vehicle.

  • Electric motors

    Here we offer low voltage high current electric motors.

  • Electronic controllers

    Here we offer electronic speed controllers for electric motors.

  • Batteries

    Lead batteries and Lithium cell low voltage high current high capacity

  • Chargers

    Here we offer you battery chargers 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V for lead batteries and Lithium batteries.

  • Electrical equipments

    Here we offer jacks, lugs, power lugs, cables, fuses...

  • Mechanical parts

    Here we offer mechanical parts and electrical gokart frame, mechanical tranfer, brake and tyres.

  • Hydro Electric

    The Kit Elec Shop offers you, at the best costs s, material for the realization of your Hydro Electric projects.

  • Tools and services

    Here we offer various materials, tools, books, services and equipment of the pilot.

  • Second-hand item

    The place to find second-hand parts and to make good deals.

  • Products not sold...

    These products are not sold alone. You will find them in a pack of products!

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