Mechanical transmission

Here we offer Removable Taper Lock crowns, belts, pulleys and hubs.


  • Rear kart shafts

    The Kit Elec Shop offers you, at the best cost, rear drive shafts for kart necessary for the realization of your karting projects.

  • Bearings

    Kit Elec Shop offers you, at the best costs, ball bearings and bearings for driveshafts necessary for the realization of your electric vehicle projects.

  • Keys

    Here we offer keys for transmission shafts.

  • HTD belts

    Here we offer HTD 8M synchronous transmission belts.

  • Taper Lock

    Here we propose you conical removable hubs (Taper Lock) for the assembly of the pulleys.

  • HTD pulleys

    Here we offer steel pulleys in profile HTD 8M in width 20mm and 30mm.

  • Driven toothed wheels

    Here we offer transmission crown wheels in HTD profile in aluminum or polyamide.

  • Various belts

    Here we offer synchronous transmission belts in STB profile, AT 5mm, TB2...

  • Chain drive

    Here we offer sprocket, crown wheels and chains for kart.

  • Couplings

    Here we offer elastic couplings for in-line shaft assembly.

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