Here we offer you screws, nuts, washers and special parts.


  • CHC screws

    Here we offer Hexagonal Cylindrical head screws Hollow 6 zinc-plated.

  • FHC screws

    Here we offer countersunk head hexagon Hexagonal hollow 6 zinc plated.

  • TH screws

    Here we offer galvanized hex head screws.

  • STHC screws

    Here we offer Hexagonal Headless hex head screws.

  • Nuts

    Here we offer brake nuts and hexagon nuts galvanized.

  • Washers

    Here we offer flat washers, locking washers. and GROWER washers zinc plated.

  • Hexagon threaded pipes

    Here we offer threaded extensions M3, M4, M5 M6, M8 and M10.

  • US screws nuts washers

    Here we offer screws, nuts and washers in the US, in inch dimension.

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