• ME0913 PMSM brushless motor
  • ME0913 PMSM brushless motor
  • ME0913 PMSM brushless motor
  • ME0913 PMSM brushless motor

ME1306 PMSM brushless motor

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The ME 1306 motor is a synchronous motor, type PMSM Brushless, with a power of 10 kW. It replaces the ME0913 from Motenergy.

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Kit Elec Shop offers you the ME 1306 synchronous motor
The ME1306 motor is a brushless motor, so it does not need maintenance, it is also called PMSM brushless.
It is an open frame, fan cooled motor.
The ME1306 is a 3-phase, Y-connected, permanent magnet synchronous motor with axial air gap.
Its output power is 10 kW continuous and 30 kW peak power.
The motor has an efficiency of 92% for voltages between 24 and 96 VDC.
It is a 4-pole (8 magnets) motor.
Its winding resistance between phases is 0.013 ohm.
The maximum recommended rotor speed is 5000 rpm.
Its torque constant is 0.15 Nm per ampere.
The inductance between phases is 0.20 mH.
The inertia of the armature is 45 kg.cm2.
The continuous current is 125A AC (180A DC at the input of the controller).
The peak current is 420A AC for 1 minute (600A DC input to the controller).
Its mass is 16.3 kg.
The maximum stall torque is 90 Nm.
It has a KTY84-130 temperature sensor and a U/V/W encoder.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
24-96 VDC
MAX speed (RPM) :



Dimensions of the ME1306 PMSM brushless motor

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ME1306 PMSM brushless characteristic

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