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CURTIS PB-8 throttle 4 wires

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This PB-8 accelerator from CURTIS is wired in 3-wire potentiometric circuit. Its resistance varies from 0 to 5 k ohms. It is equipped with a micro-switch.

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Kit Elec Shop offers the CURTIS PB8 accelerator wired in 3-wire potentiometric assembly and micro-switch.
It has a return spring for the rest position.
Its resistance varies from 0 (at rest) to 5 k ohms (actuated to the maximum).
It is equipped with a micro-switch for Foot Switch FS1 function on the number 4 wire.
It comes with 2 m of flexible cable 4 conductors numbered + earth.
The 4-wire CURTIS PB8 Accelerator is ideal for SEVCON GEN4 or SEVCON Millipak controllers.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
PB6 4 wires
TARIC code:
8537109865 THROTTLE
Made in United Kingdom



Documentation and size of the CURTIS PB6 throttle

Download (48.8k)


Wiring of the potentiometer throttle CURTIS PB6 4 wires + ground.

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