Synchronous motor 10kW Golden Motor air cooling

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The Golden Motor 10 kW air-cooled engine is a synchronous motor, type PMAC Brushless, Its output power is 10 kW continuous. It is equipped with a temperature sensor and U/V/W encoder.

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Kit Elec Shop offers the Golden Motors 10 kW electric motor with air cooling.
It is a synchronous motor, PMAC brushless type. Its reference is HPM-10KW (High Power BLDC Motor).
With a nominal power of 10 kW, its efficiency is 91%.
Its phase resistance is 3.1 milliohms (48V model).
Its phase inductance measured at 100 kHz is 34 uH (48V model)
The air cooled model has a mass of 17 kg.
The thickness of the motor is 170 mm and its diameter is 206 mm.
The key has a width of 6.4 mm.
The diameter of the shaft is 25.4 mm or 1 inch.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
Diameter (mm) :
1 inch shaft
TARIC code:
Made in China



Dimensions of the Golden Motors HPM 10kW air cooled electric motor.

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