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Synchronous motor Heinzmann PMS080 48VDC discounted

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This synchronous motor PMS 080 from Heinzmann has a power output of 1kW for 3200rpm and operates at 48 VDC.

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Kit Elec Shop offers the synchronous motor Heinzmann PMS080.
It is also named by AC Synchronous Disc Motor or brushless DC motor.
Its nominal power output is 1 kW.
It operates for DC voltages at the controller input of 48 VDC.
Its nominal speed is 3000 rpm.
Its nominal current per phase is 23.10 A.
It delivers a nominal torque of 3.18 Nm.
The PMS080 motor is equipped with a sin / cos encoder and a temperature sensor.
It is a waterproof motor.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
Current (A) :
Power (W) :
Speed (RPM) :
Torque (Nm) :
Diameter (mm) :
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Dimensions of PMS080, PMS100, PMS120 and PMS150 motors

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Heinzmann disc motors Product Catalogue

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Heinzmann brushless synchronous disc-type motors overview

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Dimensions of the Heinzmann synchronous motor PMS 080.

Download (231.08k)


Plot of of the Heinzmann synchronous motor PMS 080 under 48 VDC.

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2019 Heinzmann Electric Drives Product Catalogue

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