ME1616 PMSM brushless motor water cool

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The ME 1616 motor is a brushless synchronous motor, brushless, waterproof, water cooled, DC voltage 48-120 VDC, and 250A AC permanent.

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Kit Elec Shop offers you the ME 1616 motor.
The ME1616 is a synchronous motor brushless, permanent magnet cooled by a coolant composed of a stoichiometric mixture of water and glycol.
The ME1616 motor can be used for battery systems up to 96 VDC
Permanent current is 250 A continuous AC
The peak current is 550 amps AC for 1 minute.
It has the same stator and rotor as the ME1507, but in a water-cooled IP67 housing.
It has a KTY84-130 temperature sensor and a sin / cos encoder
It is a motor with 5 pairs of poles.
The maximum recommended rotor speed is 6000 rpm
The torque constant is 0.33 Nm per ampere DC
The inertia of the armature is 45 kg.cm2
Its mass is 24.3 kg (without the coolant)
The maximum engine torque is 134 Nm.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
24-96 VDC
MAX speed (RPM) :
Diameter (mm) :
7/8 inch shaft
TARIC code:
Made in China



Performances plot of the ME1507 PMSM brushless motor ( CCW 2016-01-05).

Download (190.72k)


Dimensions of the ME1616 PMSM synchronous brushless water cool motor.

Download (229.86k)


Motor Parameters ME1507-ME1616 PMSM Brushless.

Download (109.97k)


Documentation of the ME1616 motor support for kart.

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Performances plot of the ME1616 PMSM brushless water cool motor (10-28-19).

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