Synchronous motor ME1507 ME1905 PMSM brushless

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The ME1507 motor is a synchronous, brushless, air-cooled, brushless PMSM motor with a power of 14.5kW. The maximum input voltage is 100 V DC. The maximum speed is 6000 rpm.

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Kit Elec Shop offers the ME 1507 motor.
The ME1507 motor is a brushless motor, so does not need maintenance, it is also called brushless PMSM.
Its permanent power output is 14.5 kW at a voltage of 100 V DC.
The maximum speed of the rotor is 6000 rpm.
The ME1507 motor is a three-phase Y permanent magnet synchronous motor with axial air gap and double stators.
The winding has 12 turns per phase.
The efficiency of the motor + inverter assembly is 90% under a voltage of 100 V DC.
It is a motor with 5 pairs of poles (10 magnets).
The rotor inertia is 960 kg.cm2.
The direct current is 157 amps DC.
The maximum current is 600 amps AC for 1 minute.
Its mass is 20.15 kg.
The maximum torque is 120 Nm.
It has a KTY84-130 temperature sensor and a sin/cos encoder
Thread depth is 19 mm (max. 24 mm).
The shaft diameter is 1-1/8 " (1 + 1/8 inches), i.e. 28.575 mm.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
MAX voltage (V) :
100 V DC
Power (W) :
14.5 kW
MAX power (W) :
48 kW @ 600A
Speed (RPM) :
MAX speed (RPM) :
Torque (Nm) :
Diameter (mm) :
1+1/8 inches shaft
TARIC code:
Made in China



Dimensions of the ME1507 PMSM brushless motor.

Download (101.33k)


Performances plot of the ME1507 PMSM brushless motor ( CCW 2016-01-05).

Download (190.72k)


Dimensions of the ME1507 engine mounting plate in 6mm steel for engine dyno.

Download (34.37k)


Motor Parameters ME1507-ME1616 PMSM Brushless.

Download (109.97k)


Documentation of the ME1507 engine mount for go-kart chassis.

Download (40.21k)

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