ME1117 PMSM brushless motor


The ME 1117 motor is a brushless synchronous motor, with an effective current of 120A and a DC voltage of 24 to 96VDC. This is the direct replacement motor for the ME0201013001 and ME0907 models from Motenergy.

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Kit Elec Shop offers you the ME 1117 motor.
The ME 1117 is a brushless motor, so does not need maintenance, it is also called brushless PMSM.
The ME 1117 is a three-phase star permanent magnet synchronous motor with axial air gap.
The ME 1117 has a 90% efficiency for DC voltages between 24V and 96V DC.
It is a motor with 4 pairs of poles (8 magnets).
The direct current is 120 amperes.
Its permanent power output is 7.5 kW at a voltage of 70 VDC (15 kW peak)
The maximum speed of the rotor is 5000 rpm.
The coil has 20 turns per phase.
Its resistance between phases of 0.013 ohms.
Its mass is 10.5 kg.
It has a temperature sensor KTY84-130 and a sin / cos type position encoder
Explanation of the terms CW (ClockWise): clockwise and CCW (Counter ClockWise): counterclockwise


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
24-96 VDC
MAX speed (RPM) :



Dimensions of the ME1117 PMSM brushless motor

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Perfomance data of the ME1117 PMSM brushless motor

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