Contactor SW163-2 12V 100A direct current

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This double DC contactor is a 12V CO 100A power relay. Its reference is SW163-2.

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Kit Elec Shop offers a contactor double pole normally closed and single pole normally open Albright company.
Its reference is SW163-2.
This unipolar contactor supports a voltage of 12 V CO, continuous on the coil.
Its cut current is 100 A.
The lower end of the SW163-2 contactor is equivalent to a normally closed SW121 relay and its opposite end is equivalent to a normally open SW180 relay.
The resistance of the coil is 5 Ohms at 20 ° C.
The pull in voltage of the relay is 8V maximum at 20 ° C.
The drop out voltage is 3.5V maximum at 20 ° C.
The coil power dissipation is 28.8W at 20 ° C.


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Dimensions of the switch SW163-2 12V 100A direct current.

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