Contactor LEV200 500A 900V coil 24VDC direct current sealed

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This DC contactor is a 144V CO-150A unipolar power relay without cover, with auxiliary contact and support.

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Kit Elec Shop offers a unipolar contactor, normally open, from TE Connectivity / Kilovac
This unipolar contactor supports a voltage of 24 V CO permanently on the coil.
Its cut current is 500 A.
It supports a voltage of 900 V between its power terminals.
Its reference Kilovac is LEV200A5NAA.
The power terminals are in M8.
The terminals of the coil are in M5.


Data sheet

Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
900V DC
Current (A) :



Documentation of contactors LEV200 Kilovac 500A 900V direct current waterproof.

Download (463.39k)

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