SD200 48V 200A contactor 48VCO and emergency stop with fuse holder

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This switch combines the dual function of manual emergency stop and line contactor N.O with a fuse holder. Its reference is SD200AB-34 48V CO.

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Elec Shop Kit offers you this emergency manual disconnect switch 200 A and unipolar contactor 94V, normally open, with integrated fuse holder, from the company Albright.
This model supports a voltage of 48 V CO, continuous on the coil.
The SD 200 contactor has auxiliary contacts.
Its maximum voltage at the power terminals is 48V DC.
Its cut current is 200 A.
Its reference is SD200AB-34 48V CO.
It is sold without fuse.
This is the replacement relay for the Simply City electric vehicle.


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Documentation of the Albright SD200 relay

Download (1.7M)


Albright SD200 emergency stop relay handset mounting plan.

Download (470.62k)

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