Start-up capacitor 7.5uF 450V ICAR ECOFILL wires FASTON female 2.8mm

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This 7.5uF 450V ICAR ECOFILL WB40 capacitor is used for starting single-phase AC motors.

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Kit Elec Shop offers you a permanent capacitor used for starting single-phase alternating motors.
Its value is 7.5 µF.
Its operating voltage is 450 VAC for a frequency of use of 50 to 60 Hz.
Its diameter is 30 mm for a length of 71 mm.
The length of the 2 wires is 70 mm.
Both wires have a 2.8mm female non-insulated faston lug at their ends.
This capacitor is fixed with an M8 nut.
It is suitable for the replacement of capacitors for a roller shutter.


Data sheet

Length (mm) :
71mm measured
Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
450 VAC
Diameter (mm) :
30mm measured
Value :
7.5uF 450VAC
TARIC code:
85322900 CAPA
Made in Romania



Documentation of ICAR motor starting capacitors.

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