ALLTRAX controller AXE4844

The AXE 4844 controller is an ALLTRAX brand controller which accepts 24V to 48V voltages and supports up to 400A. It is no longer manufactured and is replaced by the SR-48400 ALLTRAX controller.


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Elec Shop Kit informs you that the AXE 4844 controller is no longer manufactured.
It is replaced by the model SR48400 ALLTRAX.
The AXE 4844 controller is a 1 quadrant, brand ALLTRAX.
The AXE 4844 controller accepts voltages from 24V to 72V.
It supporte a maximum current of 300 A.
The 4844 controller is programmable via RS232 comm port using PC or Laptop.


Data sheet

Height (mm) :
72 mm
Width (mm) :
146 mm
Length (mm) :
196 mm
Weight (kg) :
2.5 kg
Voltage (V) :
48 V
Current (A) :
400 A



Light user manual for ALLTRAX AXE controllers

Download (244.23k)


Dimensions of the ALLTRAX AXE controller short model

Download (67.93k)


Example of wiring a 48V ALLTRAX SR DC motor controller

Download (119.36k)

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